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We offer a series of informative training videos that guide you through the process of measuring surrogate parameters such as TOC, COD, BOD, SUVA, and DOC using UVA and UV254.

These videos are designed to help you understand the principles behind these measurements and provide step-by-step instructions for accurate and reliable results. To access the training videos, you can either click the link provided or visit our YouTube channel.  By watching these videos, you will gain valuable insights into the proper techniques and best practices for measuring surrogate parameters using UVA and UV254.

The visual demonstrations and clear explanations will enhance your understanding and proficiency in using our devices for water quality analysis. We understand the importance of effective training in achieving accurate and reliable results. That's why we have developed these training videos as part of our commitment to customer support and ensuring the success of your water quality monitoring endeavors.

Visit our YouTube channel or click the link to access the training videos and enhance your knowledge in measuring surrogate parameters with UVA and UV254.

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