Established in 2014, Photonic Measurements is a leading designer and manufacturer of water quality instrumentation.  We sell to a diverse base of customers located across all six inhabited continents.

All our products are designed and built in Northern Ireland in our Lisburn headquarters. We have a tightly focused product line and aim to provide a UV254 solution for any UV254 problem that you may encounter.

UV254 provides surrogate measurements of TOC, COD, BOD, SUVA and DOC using UVA 

Our products allow you to measure in the field with portable devices either with a Cuvette analyzer or a Dip-Probe.

or in a fixed location with our process instruments. The flexibility of our form factor allows you to continuously monitor a single point or to optimise an entire plant.


Lisburn, BT28 2GN, GB

About us

Photonic Measurements is:
Incorporated in N.Ireland (NI622996) 
VAT registered in UK (GB192976846)
VAT registered in N.Ireland (XI192976846000)

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