What is UVT?

Ultraviolet Transmittance UVT: Enhancing Water Quality Monitoring

UV Transmittance (UVT), also known as UV Transmission , plays a crucial role in monitoring the quality of water. It measures the amount of UV light that can pass through a water sample. UV light exists below visible light in the colour spectrum. At Photonic Measurements, we specialize in optimizing UVT monitoring using advanced UV254 technology that specifically targets UV light at 254nm.

UVT monitoring provides quick and reliable results, making it valuable in various applications, including Water Treatment Plants (WTP), Wastewater Treatment Plants (WwTP), and Trade Effluent quality assessment. By implementing UVT monitoring, operators gain access to continuous real-time data that can be integrated into SCADA systems or accessed through a user-friendly IoT (Internet of Things) web portal.

This continuous stream of UVT data enables operators to closely monitor water quality, detect changes or anomalies, and make well-informed decisions regarding treatment processes. It enhances operational efficiency, helps ensure compliance with regulatory standards, and optimizes water treatment operations.

At Photonic Measurements, we have extensive expertise in UV254 technology, allowing us to provide reliable solutions for efficient and accurate water quality assessment across various industries. UVT monitoring allows our clients to achieve enhanced control, streamlined operations, and the delivery of high-quality water resources.

Our UVT monitoring solutions report both UVT and UV Absorbance parameters, providing a magnified insight to understanding of water composition. These results enable the identification of various parameters related to organic material. With our user-friendly interface and dependable probes, our clients enjoy an exceptional user experience and gain valuable insights from data trends.

The image below shows UVT Data presented on our IoT portal.  

Using UVT

To use UVT for continuous  water quality monitoring you will require a probe, flow cell and a controller. Selection of the controller will be based on how you would like to receive the data form the probe and how many parameters you would like to measure. For on the spot measurement you can use a cuvette based UVT monitor like our UV254 Go!

Firstly set a baseline point of clean water by taking a reference using deionised water this will allow full transmission of light and set this point as 100% transmittance.

Allow water to flow through the flow cell crossing the measurement path (this may require pumping).

Ensure results are reasonable and accurate. 

Clean and recalibrate the probe every 3-4 weeks using deionized water.

That's it, it's that simple! 

Check out range or ask us for more information.

Applications of UVT

UVT Monitoring is used in Water Treatment Plants (WTP) , Wastewater Plants (WwTP), Industrial Trade Effluent and Environmental Monitoring.

It can be used at raw water inlet, monitoring incoming water quality for feed forward maintenance.

A UVT analyzer can be used at final effluent to monitor discharges, report spikes, and to ensure compliance with environmental directives.

Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) event duration and quality monitoring is another application.

UVT can be used at UV disinfection to check integrity of the system or for adjusting UV dose for efficiency.

It can help determine the organic loads in rivers and lakes.

UV Transmittances is a great tool to help optimise your Water Treatment Plant (WTP)


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