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At Photonic Measurements, we take pride in our global reach and the diverse range of users who benefit from our water quality instrumentation solutions. Our latest case studies and news highlight the real-world applications and success stories of our products around the world.

Through our case studies, you can explore how our UVT monitoring systems have been deployed and are used in different industries, environments and applications addressing specific water quality challenges. These case studies provide insights into the practical implementation of our solutions and the positive impact they have had on water monitoring and treatment processes.

This section will also keep you up to date with the latest news section in regard to developments, innovations, and events at Photonic Measurements. Stay informed about new products, projects and collaborations in providing water quality monitoring technology.

 Read about our operators on the ground across the world and recent news from our visits to clients and shows. Click to read the articles below:  

Optimising UV Disinfection at Water Treatment Plant (WTP) using the UV254 Go!

Mapping Dissolved Oxygen Trends in the Yamuna River, India

Safe Water Project: Field measuring of UVT in Mexico


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