Applications of UV254

UV254 measurement and monitoring can be applied as a solution to various problems. Exploring the industrial applications below will give a deeper understanding of how UV254 measurements are utilized in various sectors using water. Sectors may be using the parameter as a regulatory measurement or an auxiliary tool to assist in process control. Although the technology has been used in industry for the last two decades research still is developing about UV254 and its vast usages.

You’ll find lots of water companies will have a research and development project involving UV254 often to study behaviour of organics in water and to develop process changes and treatment technologies. So UV254 does not stop at these industries and expect to see this list grow as we move toward a more conscientious industrial world. UV254 has diverse applications in water quality monitoring, environmental assessment, industrial processes, and research activities. Its ability to measure organic content provides valuable insights for ensuring water safety, optimizing treatment processes, and maintaining regulatory compliance.

Find the benefits in your industry below: 

Water Treatment Plant (WTP)

Wastewater Treatment Plant (WwTP)

Pollution Monitoring 

Pharma Water Inlet

Dairy Plant Effluent


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