UV254 Probe / Sensor

UV254 Probe / Sensor

Industrial  and Process Instrument for surrogate measurements of TOC, DOC, COD, & BOD
The UV254 probe/sensor continuously measures the water in real-time. This can be done by either taking a side stream to a flow cell, by fitting inline or immersing in an open channel.

The probe is available in stainless steel, titanium or aluminium.

The probe has an industry-standard MODBUS output to connect to a controller supplied by Photonic Measurements or another supplier.

Turbidity can be compensated for using the built-in 860nm IR LED.

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UV254 Sensor / Probe Benefits


• No consumables—no additional costs

•Long life LEDs

•No moving parts–minimal maintenance

• Ergonomically designed

• Turbidity compensation


• Titanium, stainless steel and aluminium options

• Low operating costs

 •No moving parts–minimal maintenance


•Measurements every ten seconds

•Real-time indication of BOD, COD, TOC and DOC surrogates*

• We store your reference measurement, no zeroing to DI water before each test

• Our device has 5 different measurement options with five different path lengths

• Continuous use LEDs for stability and long life, not mercury lamps

Easy installation

 •Modbus Interface for third party controllers

•Automated calibrations saved on the probe

•Complete system available

•Low energy consumption

• Flowcell option or insert in pipe

• Calibration saved on the probe


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