Photonic Measurements was established in 2014 by Connor Douglas and Vincent McCorry.

Having both worked on analyser systems in Biomed and other sectors, Connor and Vincent recognised the application of good lab practice could bring tangible benefits to general lab instruments.

After researching the existing offerings for water analysers, it was obvious that there had been limited innovation in recent years, so Connor and Vincent setting about designing a range of modern analysers.
Company design philosophy

It was decided to create a new generation of analysers that would benefit from advances in computing and optical technology and incorporate the principles of lab best practice.

The aim was to create a set of analysers that users would feel comfortable with – familiar yet enhanced, making their working day that bit easier.
Photonic Measurements analysers have been created from the ground up to make complex science simple.

Using innovations in computing, electronic, mechanical and optical design, Photonic Measurements brings you the reliability that you need with a modern design that allows you the ease-of-use and connectibility that you want in a secure and auditable solution.

Growth of the company

With early stage funding in 2014 for proof of concept the design work began in earnest and quickly began to attract attention, being recognised as one of the most investible start-ups in Ireland.

Picking up awards from NISP Connect’s INVENT and InterTradeIreland’s SEEDCORN programmes and a product innovation nomination at Aquatech in the Netherlands helped Photonic Measurements secure investor funding.

Photonic Measurements is supported by Invest NI  and InterTradeIreland.

Photonic Measurements has brought its range of lab analysers to market, available through a network of resellers.

Focus on UV254

Building upon its success in the lab market and previous experience of the process analyser industry, Photonic Measurements introduced its UV254 probe system in 2017.  This project has received funding from the European Union  for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no RD0916585

Designed to allow continuous measurement of TOC, BOD and COD without the need for reagents.  The products will provide trending information and an early warning system for anyone concerned about the presence of organics in their water.

Photonic Measurements has also introduce a truly portable UV254 device which can be used in the lab or in the field.

OEM options

Photonic Measurements strength is in its design and build capability.  If you wish to extend your existing product portfolio, Photonic Measurements can provide you with an OEM solution based on its existing range, or create custom products to meet your individual requirements.