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Building Analysers for the Modern Lab
Photonic Measurements designs and builds modern analysers that make your life easier.

Building upon the advances in computing, optics and electronics and incorporating the principles of Good Lab Practice, Photonic Measurements brings you the modern analysers you deserve.

Kepler - spectrophotometers

Lorentz - turbidity

Franklin - UV254

The Kepler is a state of the art spectrophotometer, designed to complement any modern lab.

With lamp or solid state light sources in VIS or UV-VIS formats, the Kepler offers a lot of analysis power in a small and attractive format.
A unique turbidity analyser, using patent pending technology to provide ISO7027, EPA180.1, ASBC and ASTM equivalency results in a single measurement, allowing you to confidently correlate results across all field, process and lab analysers.
The Franklin UV254 laboratory analyser provides the user with UVA, UVT, SUVA and surrogate measurements of TOC, BOD and COD all without the need for reagents.

Get your results in under 5 seconds, whether you are taking a single reading or measuring all parameters simultaneously
Designed for you
  1. Modern look and feel
    A modern user friendly Windows interface displayed on an 8 inch touch screen, all housed in an analyser with a small footprint.
  2. Routine made simple
    The Kepler has been designed to make your everyday tasks as simple as possible. Jump straight in to your favourite methods. Available with preloaded methods from your regular suppliers.
  3. Easy reporting
    Store millions of measurements on the analyser. No more hand written reports. No transcription errors or misplaced readings. Create your report directly in PDF or Excel compatible CSV.
  4. We speak your language
    Every user can have the language interface of their choice. If we don't already have it, we will work with you to add it.
  5. Custom Measurements
    Easily create your own custom methods. Measure multiple parameters in a single reading
  6. Easy connectivity
    With USB and Wi-Fi connections you can print directly from the analyser and store your data on a USB device or your server.
  7. Accounts, Passwords and Security
    With multiple levels of user authority, auto logoff and a secure database to store every action and measurement, good lab practice requires no extra effort
  8. Good Lab Practice Tools
    Spot measurement anomalies easily by applying Levy Jennings or Westgaard rules.
  9. Spectral Analysis with every measurement
    Quickly see any differences in measurement, peak shifts or other anomalies.